How can we model the impact of climate change on flood risk globally?

Alastair Chisholm
Alastair Chisholm
in group Flood & Coast

For engineers and water professionals who want to better understand how large-scale models factor in future flood risk. In this webinar, we will explore Fathom’s Climate Change framework – our latest methodology for translating climate model outputs into relevant metrics for flood modelling.

Take part in our free introductory course developed in partnership with CIWEM to train you in the methods, considerations and science behind global-scale flood models. Approximately an hour in length, you will receive presentations from Fathom’s specialist research and development teams covering the following:

  • How can we expect a changing climate to impact flood risk?
  • Understanding climate models and their use in understanding future flood risk.
  • Moving from global climate change to local scale risk.
  • What is Fathom’s Climate Change Framework?
  • Applications of the framework in industry.

At the end of this three-part training series, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to test your understanding on the subject. Upon successful completion you will be sent a CPD accredited certificate for personal, academic or professional records.

This certification is the second part of Fathom’s 3-part accredited CPD webinar series, hosted with CIWEM.