Exploring the impact of compound flood risk and extreme events

Alastair Chisholm
Alastair Chisholm
in group Flood & Coast

Catastrophic events often are not driven by one process. Extreme coastal floods can coinside with strong winds, or damage from extreme rainfall can be amplified when following a wildfire. However, typical catastrophe models rarely look at the probability and impact of multi-peril compound events.
In this CIWEM-accredited webinar, Fathom will explore:

  • What are compound events?
  • To what extent are events like flooding, drought and wind connected?
  • What drives compound events?
  • How model vendors can work together to provide combined views of risk?

At the end of this three-part training series, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to test your understanding on the subject. Upon successful completion you will be sent a CPD-accredited certificate for personal, academic or professional records.

This certification is the third part of Fathom’s 3-part accredited CPD webinar series, hosted with CIWEM.