The Environment Agency has launched a 12-month pilot with Hello Lamp Post to give residents and visitors to Exmouth the opportunity to have a ‘conversation’ with the Exmouth tidal defence scheme. Residents in Newcastle are also being encouraged to have 'chats' with features in the street to mark the tenth anniversary of “Thunder Thursday,” which saw a month’s worth of rail fall within two hours - on 28 June 2012 - flooding 500 homes in the city. Other pilots are taking place in Bude, Truro and Dartmoor to promote interaction with features around them.

The project aims are to:

  • Boost engagement levels without compromising on the need for location-specific messaging
  • Aid the public in better understanding the environmental risks and challenges that their community faces
  • Direct users in flooding hotspots to sign up to flood warnings
  • Improve cost-efficiency
  • Reduce Environment Agency’s carbon footprint for community engagement

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