Two property flood resilience (PFR) Pathfinder projects with Yorkshire Flood Resilience and Cornwall County Council in the South-West were funded by Defra and managed by the Environment Agency over a two year period, completing in September 2021.

The projects focused on identifying what barriers exist to the uptake of PFR, raising awareness of the benefits and levels of take-up and undertaking an awareness campaign designed to help individuals, businesses and communities to understand their flood risk. Both projects exemplified the benefits and success that can be achieved through effective collaboration and working in partnership.

The Yorkshire pathfinder project was held in partnership with:

The partnership conducted a baseline study to better understand any barriers that exist to the uptake of PFR, with a wide range of stakeholder groups across the Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC) region. Results of the study were then used to create a strategy and develop tools to help overcome barriers to the uptake of PFR, whilst also encouraging future uptake to mainstream delivery of this type of flood risk management action.

The South-West pathfinder project was held in partnership with:

  • Cornwall Council on behalf of the five Lead Local Flood Authorities
  • JBA Consulting
  • Environment Agency

In similarity to the Yorkshire pathfinder, a baseline study was undertaken to gain an understanding of what type of PFR schemes had been provided previously. The research gained a better understanding of the historic use of PFR in Devon, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly, while helping to identify a number of barriers to the uptake and delivery of PFR, which helped form the strategy for the next two phases of the project.

From the baseline study, the Pathfinder Team developed a wide range of resources to raise awareness of PFR and provide information and guidance to those living and working at flood risk, including: