LDA Design's ethos is connecting people and places, with a belief in the brilliance of the collective through sharing a more holistic and co-design approach to flood defence and coastal regeneration.

LDA understand changing mindsets early-on can deliver wider enhancements for the environment, local communities, and the economy rather than simply mitigating impacts. Planned and delivered in the right way, coastal defence and adaptation can provide the catalyst for far reaching positive change. This can only be delivered with a wide range of stakeholder engagement, from professionals to the community as part of the co-design process, when wider synergies between climate, biodiversity, health and well-being, sociability, community cohesion and social and economic equality are recognised.

Early collaboration with enlightened public bodies, coastal authorities, engineers, coastal scientists, surveyors, project managers, ecologists and so on enables an approach to coastal infrastructure which thinks beyond the bigger picture. LDA's projects, such as Mumbles, in Wales and Portsmouth's Southsea Coastal Scheme illustrate their way of collaborative working. One of the key parts to their holistic approach is engaging stakeholders to think about the ecosystem services which deliver enhancements for the environment and local communities in addition to mitigating impact.

LDA unite the creative processes of 'place making' with their rigorous understanding of technical, funding and delivery requirements to develop solutions which move beyond technical responses to a problem. This can enable multiple funding streams to be unlocked while empowering local communities and delivering transformational change.