3Di Water Management, provide software which offers online and interactive hydrodynamic simulations, designed to support hydrologists, decision makers and stakeholders to prevent, mitigate and manage the impact of floods.

Progress in hydrodynamic modelling has increased its speed and accuracy to change the way hydrological and hydraulic models are utilised by professionals for flood risk management. This has paved the way for interactive hydrodynamic modelling possibilities in the cloud, transforming flood risk management resulting in different work processes to mitigate flood risks, for example integration of these calculations into the design process of urban planners and landscape architects.

3Di is able to simulate all processes in the hydrological cycle allowing the modeller to use 3Di in a wide range of applications. Applications include:

  • Pluvial flood
  • Fluvial flood
  • Coastal and Estuary
  • Water system analysis
  • Calamity flood models
  • Resilient urban planning
  • Sewerage design
  • Operational models
  • Flood forecasting