Surface water is the most common flood risk we face, and it is being exacerbated by climate change and urbanisation. However, CIWEM's latest report shows that surface water management is yet to be taken as seriously as it deserves. 

In a report commissioned and funded by the Association of SuDS Authorities (ASA), the LG FCERM TAG and the London Drainage Engineers Group, CIWEM found that only a third of local authorities have enough staff to manage flash flood risk, and that half of the Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) who responded don’t have locally ring-fenced budgets to manage surface water flooding.

You can read the full report, the report summary and the briefing here:


Day 3 of Flood & Coast this year is specifically dedicated to, “Surface water management for people, places and the environment”, presented in partnership with the Association of SuDS Authorities. Conference sessions will cover, SuDS, groundwater management, and the future of our water infrastructure, with free workshops on overcoming many challenges and delivering water smart communities.


Flooded road with signs sticking out of the water